Superior Custom Roll Forming

We provide custom length channel strut for most commercially available specs on the market.


Custom Strut and Roll Form aims to be the premiere roll forming option on the West Coast.

We provide custom length channel strut for most commercially available specs on the market. Our custom roll forming capabilities allow us to produce any length of part, with a wide variety of hole configurations.

Custom Channel Strut & Custom Roll Forming

Custom Channel Strut

We manufacture most common commercially available channel strut at custom lengths. Improve your construction site’s efficiency and reduce weight with custom length channel strut.

High Speed, High Tolerance

With tolerances as tight as +/- 1/32″, all custom roll forming projects are capable and highly efficient.

Custom Roll Forming

Our 20 pass line is capable of running complex, multi-bend shapes. With the 2” shaft diameter attaching to our roll tooling, we are capable of running material gauges ranging from 12 gauge to 20 gauge.

Maximizing Your Material

Material is money, and with our custom roll forming line, we go through a lot of material. We strive to make the most out of every inch of steel, and with our coil end welding system, we insure that we are minimizing scrap as much as possible and getting the most amount of parts per coil as possible.

Post Punch and Cut

Punching and cutting parts post roll form allows us a variety of advantages. It allows us to eliminate a variety of production defects that can take your parts out of tolerance. Paired with our coil end welding system, the amount of material scrapped at the beginning and end of a coil is below industry standards.


Custom Channel Strut & Solar Racking

Custom Channel Strut

Custom lengths of channel strut in any commercially available sidewall height and hole pattern allows your project to be lean on materials, and waste less.

Solar Racking

We’ve provided racking materials ranging from channel strut, U-channel, and angle iron to multiple projects of over 100 MW capacities.


We Provide Custom Length Channel Strut For Most Commercially Available Specs On The Market.